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To the wonderfulness of the river


We are Physical Education teachers who love life in the nature and practice whitewater kayaking and rafting. We enjoy the unique experience that rivers offer us, and also the relationship with the natural environment that gives us the opportunity and the interpersonal relationships that are forged inside and outside the water. Camaraderie and constant good predisposition are our strength and the values to be transmitted.

Eclipse 2020
December 12-14, 2020

For this special edition of Solar Eclipse 2020, we will enjoy that day experiencing the spectacular experience of descending the river during a solar eclipse unique in this region. (More info)

All 2020

Hi peopleeee! We are very sorry to have to notify you that we suspended the course, and the pool classes will not start for now, according to the obligations that concern us and the determinations that have been made. The dates will be rescheduled as we have the opportunity. We are sad not to be able to get on the kayaks, but it is time to take care of ourselves, be supportive and accept the orders of those who know more.

We hope to meet you soon!

Hi Kayakcöerxs!

Due to the well-known situation, we found ourselves in the need to reinvent ourselves to face the fixed expenses generated by Kayakcö *, and that obviously, because we cannot work, is affecting us. Without considering a prompt reactivation of the activity, we decided to release T-shirts with the theme that summons us.
It´s a white dry fit T-Shirt.
The price will be ar$ 1200.
If you are interested, write us a WhatsApp!
The images are illustrative

(To see the catalog, click on the image)