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To the wonderfulness of the river


We are Physical Education teachers who love life in the nature and practice whitewater kayaking and rafting. We enjoy the unique experience that rivers offer us, and also the relationship with the natural environment that gives us the opportunity and the interpersonal relationships that are forged inside and outside the water. Camaraderie and constant good predisposition are our strength and the values to be transmitted.

Andacollo 2022
August 14-15, 2022

¡El próximo finde largo se disfruta a puro Kayak! No hay invierno que nos pare, porque tenemos el equipo y la manera de disfrutarlo a pleno. Andá a nuestra bio y clickeá en el link para tener toda la información.

All Welcome

En un día como hoy, queremos dejar más claro que nunca, que en nuestras propuestas, espacios y empresa somos TODES BIENVENIDES. No damos espacio a discriminación alguna y defendemos cada ley que amplíe derechos en nuestro país y el mundo entero. Tenemos el sello del programa federal de turismo LGBTQ+, vamos a defender, respetar y cuidar a cada persona que quiera elegirnos, como siempre. Y vamos a seguir capacitándonos permanentemente en pos de ello

Hi Kayakcöerxs!

Due to the well-known situation, we found ourselves in the need to reinvent ourselves to face the fixed expenses generated by Kayakcö *, and that obviously, because we cannot work, is affecting us. Without considering a prompt reactivation of the activity, we decided to release T-shirts with the theme that summons us.
It´s a white dry fit T-Shirt.
The price will be ar$ 1200.
If you are interested, write us a WhatsApp!
The images are illustrative

(To see the catalog, click on the image)